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Our products are made with the finest materials and components available. It is important to take good care of your jewelry to ensure its longevity. Follow the simple tips listed below to keep your jewelry sparkling:
  • Always remove your jewelry before washing hands, showering or swimming. Moisture can cause stones to dull and become loose.

  • Do not spray or apply alcohol or oil based perfume, hairspray, body lotions, hair grooming products, air fresheners, or any other alcohol-based substance on or near your jewelry. The alcohol or oil content will dull the finish of the crystals and metal parts. If you happen to tarnish your pieces, a jewelry cleaning cloth will easily remove any discoloration.

  • Never leave your jewelry in the extreme heat or direct sunlight over long periods of time as this can cause colors to fade.

  • Clean your jewelry by using a dry soft cloth or jewelry cleaning cloths. Never submerge in cleaning solution or water.
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Love Bracelets Testimonials

Once again, I Love Bracelets has come through for me! I received the "urgent" order today, just in time for our big sales weekend on Saturday. Your individual attention to your customers does not go unappreciated! Thanks so much, AGAIN!
-Anne (Galveston Candles)

“It’s so easy to sell I Love Bracelets because they do the work for you! Everything comes color coordinated so, we just DRESS OUR CUSTOMER IN THE COLORS THEY ARE WEARING and they buy it. I have ordered 4 times since my initial $5000 order in July.”
-Carol of Country Clutter in Camarillo, California. Customer since 2005

“Your prices are great. I love your styles and color assortments. The price points really work for me. We get more multiple sales because of the price points. I’m very pleased. Your customer service is great and everyone is very helpful!”

-Loma Wharton (owner) of Loma's Hair and Gift in Roseburg, Oregon. Customer since 2002

“I buy my jewelry from I Love Bracelets because my customers love it. They spend a great deal of time just looking at the items and trying them on. Sometimes they even fight over it! Bottom line, we make money and customers keep coming back. Also, you stand by your product. If I ever have a problem, you always fix it.”

-V.M. in Denver, Colorado. Customer since 2003

"I was looking for beautiful costume jewelry that appears expensive and that is on top of the latest trends. I was so happy to find I Love Bracelets. They are constantly coming up with well-designed compact displays that encourage multiple sales at the cash register. Their prices are the best and I reorder constantly through their great sales reps and customer service department.”

-J.H. in Los Angeles, California. Customer since 2005

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stay in Vogue with the Latest Jewelry Trends…

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Our top priority at I Love Bracelets is to keep up with the latest fashion trends so that we can design innovative, bold, and unique jewelry for our wholesale customers.

At I Love Bracelets we keep our finger on the pulse of what is happening in the fashion world. This is why our customers rely on us to keep them stocked with the latest looks that their customers see in all the magazines --- & at incredibly low wholesale prices!

We have a large selection of wholesale fashion accessories for women of all tastes, budgets, and ages, to go with every occasion.

These are the hottest trends for the coming fall and winter in 2010:

Statement necklaces: From giant metal flower designs to big rocks and stones, the new trends lean toward layered and chunky necklaces that make a unique and dramatic statement about the wearer’s individual style.

Chandelier and big hoop earrings: Inspired by Indian, African, & other global cultures, you can comfortably purchase hoop earrings in large quantities because they never go out of style. We bring these pieces to you at unbeatable wholesale prices!

Huge Cuff Bracelets and Bangles: Bangles and bracelets embellished with beads, metals and exotic stones remain popular in multiple shapes and sizes.

Versatile Headbands and Brooches: Headbands and Broochesstrong are back! As the chilly seasons get closer, your customers will use these to tie a scarf and bring to life a plain sweater or jacket.

Metal rings with single large stones: Available in a variety of textures and designs, our colorful cocktail rings are perfect for both for both casual and dressy occasions.

Fall and winter colors: Our favorite shades of deep reds, green, and topaz will dominate the cold weather wardrobes of your fashion -conscious customers.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wholesale Fashion Accessories and Wholesale Jewelry


We service gift stores and fashion boutiques internationally!

We offer hundreds of styles of
bracelets, necklaces, earrings,brooches, bags, rings
and more! By having access to such an extensive selection of styles, we enable our customers to constantly create fresh merchandising statements that appeal to their customers.

Wholesale Fashion Accessories

Find a sales representative in you area, visit our Rep Locator. you can also purchase from us directly via our website or calling one of our customer service representatives directly at (310) 839-5683 x201.